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If permanent removal of the screens isn’t desirable, then consider at least storing them over the winter when windows won’t be opened anyway. Some people object to even this step on the grounds that an unseasonably warm day might : cause them to want to open their windows, thereby allowing insects inside their home. If that happens during the winter or early spring, however, , there likely are no insects that you have to worry about, so you should consider this as an alternative to permanently removing your screens. Not only will it improve the condition of your windows, it will also extend the life of your screens. As one of the most basic summer necessities, window fly screens are the protective attachment that stops insects and debris coming into your home without obstructing the view or cutting off the airflow. They’re supposed to help us enjoy the warm days and nights without worrying if any bugs or creatures of the night will try to enter the house. Unfortunately, in a short time, they tend to accumulate dust and all sorts of dirt like dead insects, spiders, cobwebs and much more. For that reason, you should clean your window screens every month, especially if you’re living in a polluted glass cleaners for windowsGlass cleaner is a fairly inexpensive product. You can buy a very effective chemical based cleaner for between $2 and $3 a bottle. They will vary in size by ounces from about 24 ounces to 36 ounces. So, if you , are looking for a deal, watch the size of the bottle carefully. The ammonia-free and natural glass cleaners , will cost a little more, between $3 and $8. If the bottle costs more than $8, it most likely is very large and/or contains all-natural ingredients. Those priced $10 or more are specialized for places like car windows, or particular cleaning problems like pet slobber. Of course, itrsquo;s obvious that abrasives must not be used on a glass because of the tendency for it to ruin the finish of the glass. That is what my brother did though, and now the glass of the shower door needs to be replaced. It has scratches all over now! Anyway, I will be sure to mention this to him once I get the shower door glass ever window cleanerHave you ever spent a significant amount of time window cleaning until your glass sparkled, only to have the sunlight shine and reveal streaks and wipe marks that you left behind? One way to avoid this is to vary the direction , that you wipe your windows. Just like painting a room, the best way to avoid noticeable strokes is to go over the surface several times, alternating wiping in a different direction each time. We put glass and window cleaners to the test by assessing how well they remove greasy dirt from a PVC sheet and whether they leave a clean, streak-free finish. Green Living, from National Geographic, recommends this simple recipe, plus a few extra tips for the best window cleaning outcome. Marketing companies want you to think that you need a special window cleaner for your windows and another for glass indoors like mirrors.


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